i’m still standing

third scheduled induction date has been rescheduled.

why? well, I’m not 42w yet; sprog looked fine, and while I seem to still have the recalcitrant cervix from hell, there does seem to be a bit of forward momentum. still closed, but 50% effaced. so that’s good. I could have gone with cytotec & a foley catheter to try to open things up, but I don’t think it’s necessary yet.

tuesday morning will be 42 weeks on the nose, and I’ve decided that’s the point where my desire for this to happen totally naturally will fall to my concerns about the rising risk of stillbirth. so if she doesn’t get moving by Monday night, we know what we’re doing the next morning.

I’ve made a small bracelet with her name in letter beads. G asked, “you’ve resorted to bribery?”

oh, you know it. at least I haven’t resorted to drinking hot sauce or castor oil.

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