small batch balsamic fig jam

1.5 lb figs
400 gr sugar
3 tbsp citric acid solution (100 ml water and 4 gr citric acid)
balsamic vinegar to taste

peel & chop figs, mix with sugar, cook at simmer over medium heat until spoon dragged across bottom of pan leaves a good track (about 30 minutes). add citric acid and balsamic vinegar.

ladle into prepared jars with 1/4″ headspace; boil in canner for 10 minutes.

2 thoughts on “small batch balsamic fig jam

  1. Sounds really yummy. What have you tried it with? (I mean, besides a spoon.)

    I’m intrigued that you list the measurements mostly by weight. Do you use a scale when you measure sugar, then? I was just talking with a friend about this, and she was saying that really weight makes the most sense for a lot of ingredients.

    • haven’t popped a jar yet – i’m thinking that it will be tasty with some good strong cheese. and some hearty bread. it’s a bit overcooked, so it’s more of a fig paste than a fig jam.

      whenever possible, i go by weight rather than volume – particularly for baking and making jam. i’ve got a nice small kitchen scale that works well for up to 5lbs; i’m probably going to break down and get a larger one soon, though.

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