i haven’t blogged in ages. AGES, i tell you. why? most likely because i’m not working.

this isn’t as strange as it sounds at first blush. when i’m working, i keep up on news and current events and the like. i deal with people. i ride public transportation. i get up at oh-dark-early.

all of these things are fertile fodder for blogging.

but i haven’t had an income-generating job (is there any other kind?) in a year and a half. once the oddity of this wore off (about six months in), i was able to sleep in. until seven thirty. which is where my morning has remained.

in an effort to pay more attention to the world, i picked up a print subscription to the washington post. so every morning, i get up, shower, go downstairs, let the dog out of his crate, make breakfast, fetch the paper from the lawn or the path or the bushes (always different! sometimes a challenge! thank you, paper delivery person!), eat and read.

i’m better informed than i was a month ago. but i’m also more anxious. i may have to revisit this. (i don’t even know if i really want to watch the state of the union tonight.)


now i’m just rambling, listening to an audio post on someone else’s blog. i’m going to go knit something.

oh! wait – photo goodness. here. the last sweater i finished. (not really – i made a lace & cable vest for mom after finishing this. but that only took 13 days.)

be vewwy qwiet…

when the monstrosity next door went up two years ago, i thought the construction had driven out the bunnies.

today’s snowfall suggests i was wrong. yay wabbits!

monumental fiddling

photos from the dawn monument stroll. fake polaroid dry transfer technique on scanned paper bag. mixed results. ww2 monument is my least-disliked one.

fall colors

and textures, and states of decay.
oh, and snuffy.

columbine: a strange and alien flower

the appendix thing laid me out for about a week, and that plus the recent rains means i missed most of the crazy azalea action this spring (for photos, anyway). but i’ve got years’ worth of azalea photos, so it isn’t such a big deal.

last spring, i scattered a wildflower mixture that was mostly columbine, with some viola and hollyhock mixed in. none of it did much last year. this year, we have a mini-field of columbine surrounding a newly-acquired fig tree (thanks, mom!). it wasn’t until recently that i realized exactly how odd columbine flowers are.

(i’m not crazy about wordpress’ native gallery maker – many of my photos don’t center on the center of the image – but for the moment highslide doesn’t play nice with the current wp build. and so i suffer. and my meager readership suffers.)

and a few of those other flowers

fred, and some frozen dogwood buds

from the last storm, which was also the first snow of the winter. it became more ice than snow, as winter storms around here are wont to. the ice globes can’t be good for the tree buds, but they are pretty.