i’m having dinner at dino tonight with parents, brother & BIL. review likely to follow.1 last time i ate there was during summer ’08 restaurant week, and was gastronomically impressed. in august we sat on the patio, though – i don’t think that will be happening today.2

oh – and maybe i’ll blog about the great beignet experiment of 2009. it’s funny how once you’ve acquired a deep fryer, everything starts to look like batter…
1 this is as much to remind me i’m having dinner out tonight as to remind me to write a review. life has been not-calm lately, although not nearly as hectic as alejna’s is sounding. without written reminders, i’m likely to forget to eat at all, never mind meeting family at a restaurant.

2 that link will expire, of course, at least as it pertains to today’s weather. if you’re randomly interested in the weather at my work zip in the future, by all means, go ahead and click on it. in the future, that is.


streets of fire has an amazingly hysterical cast. rick moranis and

willem dafoe? diane lane and bill paxton? amy madigan? damn. 1984 was a great year for randomness.

why i stayed home this weekend yesterday

  1. i got up too late to get across a bridge into the district.
  2. it was cold outside. really, really cold.
  3. i was hungry, and food was more readily accessible in my kitchen than on the mall.
  4. jesse and justin and james and i (yes, four “j”s if you’re counting) got sucked into the comfy sun room furniture.
  5. the beer fridge was stocked.

so, there’s my excuse. i attended clinton’s and both gwb inaugurals. i missed this one – didn’t even pay that close attention to it on the television. and what i did see was michelle o. in an outfit that would’ve turned me into a lalocasicle.1 and almost-president obama giggling right before taking his oath of office in a way that reminded me rather unfortunately of my first wedding vows. (hopefully his tenure will last longer than my first marriage.)

james and i did scope out the mall on monday, though, and i took some pictures – but it was overcast, so they’re not great.
1 it was in the 20s, woman!

nothing gives me shivers

…quite like a meteorologist saying that tonight will be frigid. “three to five degrees downtown.”

if that’s not a good reason for curling up in bed, or in front of the fire, i don’t know what is.

happy birthday, dad

although i doubt he reads my blog (my mother does, on occasion), i’d like to wish dear old dad a happy birthday today. he’s winging his way to destinations african, and has asked his children to perform a most vital service in the weeks to come (recording the u.s. v sweden on jan 24 and the u.s. v mexico on feb 11, the second being the more important game). but more importantly, he’s my dad and i love him very much.

he’s also a history buff, so it’s appropriate that i link to this boston event, at the time blamed on anarchists, that occurred a quarter-century before his birth: the explosion of a tank holding two and a half million gallons of molasses.

headline/lede agreement

“Evangelical Leader Quits Over Gay Union Remark” reads the headline of one of wapo’s stories today. and glancing at it, i thought it odd that a) an evangelist would be talking about labor unions, and b) that there would be any such unions organized around one’s sexual orientation.

the lede makes it clear that they mean civil unions, though, not labor unions, so that makes a bit more sense.


have i mentioned it’s a bit early in the morning for me?

uploading photos

random note to myself ‘cuz something’s wrong with’s upload feature.